Adopt a Dog

Our adoption process is simple but thorough. We will research your vet, landlord, and references, once approved we will conduct a home visit, and when the dog comes to your home we will go over a contract with you. Our adoption fees vary by dog, for puppies that are not yet weaned a deposit is required. All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, up to date on all shots, heart worm tested, and Micro-chiped. We do not have set operating hours, we are Appointment Only. We are located East of Lawton, if you would like to visit please contact us by application and we will schedule an appointment after your application has been approved, you don’t have to fill the application out for a specific dog but you do have to complete one to meet our dogs unless we are having an adoption fair.


Thank you for your interest in our available dogs. Please take about 15 minutes to review this adoption application and complete it honestly. Please note that falsified information provided intentionally on your part will result in immediate loss of adoption privileges.

Are you at least 18 years of age?
Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
Full Name
Street Address
Cell Phone

Spouse or Significant Other
How Many
Names and Ages
Other Children or Adults in Home?

Current Pets
Do you have pets in your home?
Are the pets altered?
List the name, age, and breed of ALL current pets. Please explain if any are not altered.
Where did you acquire your current pets?
Are your pets papered?
Papered by which organization?
Please list the products you use to protect your pets against:
Heart Worms
Fleas and Ticks
Intestinal Parasites

Home Life
Do you own or rent?
For how long?
Landlord's Name
Landlord's Phone
Your Occupation
Spouse/Other's Occupation
Is your location permanent or temporary? [If temp please explain]
Do you have a yard?
Is it fenced?
Will your new dog be in or outside?
Please explain inside or outside conditions the dog will have access to:
Please explain the type of flooring:
What kind of food will you feed?
Do you give supplements?
What kind of supplements?
Please describe the weekend at your home:
Please describe a typical weekday at your home:
Are we welcome to visit your home?
Can you provide home photos?

Have you owned dogs before?
How many?
Are any still alive?
Please list your previous pets within the last 10 years:
NameBreedAgeAltered?What Happened and When?
What dog training classes do you have experience with attending?
Have you ever entered show, sport or working dog competitions?
If yes, please list events and accomplishments:
Are you familiar with crate training?
Will you crate train?
Will you attend dog obedience classes?
Will you commit to provide the proper training?
When and Where?
If no, please explain:

Please provide Name, Phone, State, Relationship, Time Known
Veterenarian Reference
Family Reference
Other Reference 1
Other Reference 2
Other Reference 3

Please give us a brief reason as to why you feel you would be an ideal match for one of our dogs:
Anything else we might not have covered in this adoption application that you feel would benefit our decision to place a dog in your home, such as achievements, education, goals, dreams, etc....
Do you have any further questions, concerns or anything else you would like to ask us?

By typing my name below, I certify that the information I have given is true and that I recognize that any misrepresentation of the facts may result in my losing privilege of adopting a pet. I authorize investigation of all statements on this application.