has been adopted!

Dozer is an Italian mastiff (Cane Corso) but he is a huge baby, he is scared of his own shadow, he needs a good friend to help him gain some confidence! He loves to play and he is extremely goofy, you gotta watch out or he might bounce right into you. He is less scared and more playful when he is in the company of other dogs, he is currently in a large run with a female pit bull, male bull terrier, and male miniature pinscher, he gets along with everyone, he hasn’t been tested but its probably safe to assume he is scared of cats. He doesn’t seem as scared of children but he hasn’t been around them too much. Dozer is timid but underneath that is curiousity, he is truly a friendly natured & happy dog, once he bonds with someone they will have a buddy for life. Dozer is neutered, up to date on shots, heart worm prevention and frontline plus. He has put on some weight since these pictures (check out video) If you are interested in adding this gentle giant to your family to fill out an application to adopt Dozer just CLICK HERE TO APPLY :)