has been adopted!

*Courtesy Listing*
She is house broken and crate trained. At home I usually leave her in the bedroom when I am out, and when she comes to work with me she is crated. She responds well to basic commands such as sit, go to bed, lay down; go outside. I trust her commands well enough to occassionally let her off leash in the yard when we go out to visit neighbors. She hasn’t really been around cats to my knowledge, but I haven’t noticed her show any interest in neighborhood cats. She has no medical issues that I know of, she had a liter of pups some time before she came to me and is currently in heat. I have an appointment to have her spayed June 16th at Second Chance. I haven’t had her heartworm tested but would definately be willing to do that this week at work. She is a wonderful, and beautiful girl I just hope she can find a family who can love her.