has been adopted!

Courtesy Listing, Please email BARK_OK@YAHOO.COM for more infomation
Nani is 1.5 – 2 years old and was the result of a Craigslist rescue. She was listed as a well cared for companion that I thought would be great company for my 3 and a half yr old male Sharpei. When i got to the house to pick her up she was too skinny, had patches of hair missing, and was slow and dull. big surprise right? So I let my heart get in the way of my brain and Nani and I were on our way home. I took her to the vet the next day only to find that she was loaded with hookworms, and heartworms…yeah the fatal kind! So about $1000 dollars and a lot of pain for this sweet little dog later, Nani has a clean bill of health and is happy and full of energy and excitement, sweet little dog. Just one problem, she absolutely hates the Sharpei male that I thought she could keep company in the first place! Like tries to fight him hates him, and we can’t have that. Nani loves kids, and people, and she seems to get along with other dogs ( not Sharpeis!) SEEMS to get along… keep that in mind. However, she does chase cats, hasn’t caught one yet, but you get the idea. If you are interested in adopting Nani please email BARK_OK@YAHOO.COM she will be spayed/microchipped before going to her new home REVIEWED AND UPDATED 11-03-08