has been adopted!


Scarlett is about 10 to 12 months. She is great with kids. She is crate trained and will bark if she needs to go out. Her only issue appears to be with cats. No way could I trust her loose in my house with my cats so I don’t know if she is housebroken. She does get along with other dogs. She sits on command and is very smart. She weighs about 45-48 pounds. I have had her about two weeks. She has been good with all the people she has met since I found her. She is very sweet and obedient but has shown aggression toward our cats when we have let her in the house. However she has shown no aggression toward our other dogs including two Dachshunds. She is not handling the cooler weather very well at all and we need to find her a good home soon. forgot to mention we have had her spayed.