has been adopted!

I’m buttons, I am probably the calmest most easy going dog you’ll ever meet. I love people and other animals, I don’t bark unless its really important (like the trash truck!) even if all the other dogs are barking. I really love toys, especially stuffed animal, I will sit down for treats and roll over so you can rub my belly, I like to just sit on the couch and watch everybody but sometimes I get the zoomies and romp around with all the other dogs. I don’t go to the bathroom in the house at all and if you want me to go in a crate just open the door and tell me and I will go right in! I might be a little shy at first but as soon as I get to know you I will love you and follow you around I will even softly hop up on your waist for a hug, I’m not jumping on you like some dogs do, you just have to experience one of my hugs to know what I mean. In my first adoptive home I adjusted very quickly, I was well behaved with the other dogs and the livestock they had as well, but unfortunately my first family broke up and I wasn’t able to stay. I am looking for another good home now but the guardians here at BARK OK tell me I am such a wonderful dog that I can stay as long as it takes to find the perfect forever home!