has been adopted!


Here is a little bit about me. My ears have been cut – not real jagged, but I cannot speak people talk so I cannot tell anybody how my ears came to be cropped. I have a long tail. I am a sort of greyish brown. I have a white blaze on my chest and all four paws. When I got to my foster mother's house, I went into the house like I belonged there. She thinks I have been a house dog before. She walked me through the house to her huge back yard and I went out and ran and drank and did my business. But I kept my eyes on the two legged people who were standing there watching me. Then I had to go up and hug and kiss both of them for getting me to safety. Since I did not have any collar on and of course no tags, she immediately put a collar on me. There is one thing. I do not like cats. My foster mom put me in a wire crate, and gave me a bowl of food. She was in tears when she saw how thin I was. I went into the crate against my will the first time, but after that, I found out the crate was a good place to be. I was in a room with three other dogs – two uncrated male dogs, and one crated female. The male dogs and the female dog all went up to the crate and touched noses with me and there was no growling from any of us. My teeth are like shiny pearls and my foster mom guessed my age at close to a year. My foster mom put her fingers, then her hand, then her arm into my mouth. I wasn't sure just what was going on, so I just sat there. When she took her arm out of my mouth, I licked her face. I messed in my crate once on the first full day. I have not messed in my crate since. I learned it is not nice to mess in a place I sleep in. Later on that morning, my foster mom gave me some medication. You see, I was extremely thin when I was saved. This medication was to get rid of any intestinal worms I might have. My foster mom did not gripe at me for messing in my crate. In fact, I think she was glad I did.> My foster mom found out exactly what I had been eating. Tin> foil, cardboard, a pink handi-wipe, black plastic trash (?) bag, the Bar-S strip from a package of weiners (?), and other things she could not identify. I had a firm stool. She could tell the difference on what was food from the night night and what I HAD been eating. A few days later my foster mom gave me some shots, and I was a big girl and didn't even flinch. She gave me the parvo/distemper/coronavirus vaccines, and the next day, she gave me a bordetella nasal medication. My foster mom says I have such a soft mouth. She offers me a treat, and I will put my lips around the treat and gently take it from her fingers. Since I had been without food for such a long time I dont not like to share my food with other dogs. I was hungry so long! So my foster mom feeds me in my crate so I dont have to worry about anyone stealing my food. My foster mom says I am one of the sweetest pits she has ever put her paws on. (Golly, I did not know humans had PAWS!) I like to lay outside on the patio – soaking up the sun and being at peace with the world. I was tested for heart worms and I am negative. I was spayed on July 2, 2010. I want a home of my own and somebody to play with, if you are interested in adopting me please click the link at the top of my bio to submit an application.

Shasta's Adoption fee is $150