has been adopted!

From Goldie’s foster mommy:
Goldie is a one yr. old wired hair terrier mix. She is very active, kind of a quite dog. Always eager to please and learn. She is learning the basic commands. Sit, stay, lay down, off, heal. Loves to ride, run and walk. She is a sort of a submissive dog, but also gentle. Loves childern. She is spayed. Eats a 1/4 can pedigree can, mixed with “Soup for the Soul” dog food, which is organic. (Only because she runs the fence line with the other dogs, which keeps her weight down) Being active, she should have some sort of exercise everyday. She will play fetch, tug, etc. And will snuggle with you if allowed. She does not know anything about being chained up, nor should any dog. She is potty trained and will let you know if she needs to go out. She is allowed to run the yard and has the garage for shelter, using a dog door. During the winter a heater is used with a bed and rug on the floor. This is when you are gone from the house. If u choose to leave her in, make sure she has a place to pee. She is a family pet! This means, to be with the family. Not left outside all day. She needs to be groomed on a monthly basis, for her hygiene and to keep the hair out of her beautiful eyes. She has a face that will melt any heart and a personality to go with it. (And when she leaves, I will cry my heart out. )