has been adopted!

Hi, I am Hailey, I am a beautiful red pit bull terrier, I’m less than a year old. I play with all of the dogs here at BARK OK I get along with everyone big and small, I haven’t been introduced to cats yet but I think if I get used to them I will be fine to live with one. Me and my sister are both learning basic commands, I love getting treats so I am very motivated to listen to people. I am a little wider than my sister but when we are full grown we should both be under 40lbs. I am getting used to sleeping by myself in a crate at night, and I am housebroken and like to sleep in th bed, I’ve been told that I snore but I don’t believe it! I could really use a good home, this is the time of my life when the world is still new and I would love to experience new things with my forever family. CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR HAILEY