has been adopted!

Hank is a 1 1/2 year old Neutered Male Great Dane, we are calling him a chocolate harlequin because we can’t find a picture of a dog like him online anywhere and there is no mention of it in the AKC breed standard, but I think that describes his color accurately, he is kind of like the “fawnequin” danes but darker patches. However, his color isn’t the only thing that makes him special, Hank likes to give hugs but he realizes he is far too big for a regular hug, so while he is standing on all fours he will wrap one front leg around you, its really adorable and sweet. Hank’s blood work is pending, but he is up to date on everything else and microchipped. Hank can be nervous around strangers and will sometimes growl at people he does not know, he can also be protective, however he has not bit, lunged or snapped at anyone while he has been at the rescue. Hank tolerates other dogs but doesn’t play with them, he has a dominant personality and would do best as an only dog. Hank has been around children but he is way too big for small children and he has not been around cats. Hank is used to being a house dog, he doesn’t like to go in crates but he seems to be housebroken. Hank needs to find a home asap, he is sad/unhappy in a rescue kennel environment and misses having a home and family. If you would like to fill out an application to adopt Hank just CLICK HERE TO APPLY :)

The Adoption Fee for Hank is $200 REVIEWED AND UPDATED 12-02-09