has been adopted!

Leo is a purebred German shepherd, he is an older guy approx. 7-8yrs old but he’ll surprise you with his agility and playfulness. Leo had heart worms when I found him wondering around in the country, he also hadn’t be fed in a while and had a lot of parasites. Thanks to donations from the Lawton area community Leo is now heart worm negative and on prevention and as you can see he is looking great now. Leo is a very loyal and protective dog, an advantage to his age is that he’s been around and knows when something isn’t right and when its okay, he patrols the house at night making sure everyone is alright. He also has basic obedience training, he sits catches, lays down, and understands “no” and “stop”. He is 100% housebroken, neutered, & up to date on shots. He is good with small dogs and female dogs but doesn’t like having other large male dogs for house mates. He is strange with cats, he lives with one now and hasn’t ever hurt him but he constantly stalks him, they will sit face to face on the floor just watching each other. Somethings they rub each other and act like friends, other times they bark/hiss at each other. So for cats I think it will just depend on the individual cat but it might be best for him to have a home without cats.

If you are interested in one of our available dogs please send an email to bark_ok@yahoo.com and ask for an application. If you currently have pets please have them up to date on shots and on a heart worm preventative before contacting us, thank you!