has been adopted!

Lily is an absolutely adorable pit bull mix puppy, she is about 8-9 weeks old, she survived parvovirus with a lot of help from my vet, we almost lost her but she has that pit bull spirit and will to live :) She is very smart and she will already sit for a treat and she is housebroken. She will go to the bathroom right when you put her out and she will go to the door when she wants outside/inside. She has already been very well socialized with people,dogs, and cats, as long as this is continued she shouldn’t have any problems living with other cats/dogs. Since she was sick for 2 weeks she is extra pampered and spoiled rotten, she is just a complete baby, her favorite red ball will go with her to her new home, she plays with it for hours. She will be microchipped, have all of her shots, and be fixed before going to her new home. Contact me if you are interested in adoptiing her BARK_OK@YAHOO.COM 580-917-5720