has been adopted!

Mickey and Minne are 2 sweet dogs that have been keeping the patients at the Cebral Pasley Center company, they appear to be Pit Bulls mixed with something small, resulting in adorable “mini-pits” approx. 35-40lbs, they are around a year old and I’m certain they are siblings. The patients at the center have been nursing them back to a healthy weight and playing with them constantly so they are extremely friendly and socialized with people, they would even be very good with children as they are very accustom to being handled by the patients. They have great manners and are very focused on people, I imagine they would train very easily :) Once they were healthy the management at the center decided they needed to go to homes ASAP or they would have to be turned into the shelter, they are now at our rescue if you are interested in adopting one of these wonderful dogs, please CLICK HERE TO APPLY!

The Adoption Fee for Mickey is $65 REVIEWED AND UPDATED 09-13-09