has been adopted!

Miley is a really really sweet puppy, she gets along great with other dogs and doesn’t mind kitties, a good way to discribe her would be LAID BACK, she is 100% cuddle bunny, and just mushie lol. She loves to just lay her head (or all of her if you allow it) on your lap and just chill out. She isn’t in your face, doesn’t jump around, and will give soft kisses if she’s invited; she won’t just run up and start slobbering on you :) She is generally well behaved in the house (she already knows “Sit” ), crate trained, and *almost* housebroken. She will probably stay kind of short and just be thick, she has the most adorable wrinkley face, I think she is 75% pit and 25% bull mastiff, just bully enough to give her the loose skin, wrinkles, (Snoring) and bulkiness that pits don’t have… If you meet this one you’ll fall in love so feel out an application and we’ll make an appt. asap :)
*Video coming soon*
Miley’s adoption fee is $95 REVIEWED AND UPDATED 09-05-09