has been adopted!

Courtesy Listing for Fostered shelter dog, please email BARK_OK@YAHOO.COM for an application, thank you Sunni is around 1 yr old… the vet said somewhere between 9 mts and 1yr and weighs between 45-50lbs. She was spayed recently at the humane society and was also vaccinated against bordatella, parvo, parainfluenza, rabies, distemper and adenovirus 2. she was tested and is negative for heartworms and stomach parasites. We will be returning to the vet later this week for her boosters. She appears to be housebroken and is comfortable staying both inside and outside the house. she is amazingly affectionate and comfortable with humans. She is curious with other animals and becomes protective at times over food, space and other humans. She is great in the car and appears to dislike the confinement of a crate.
Reviewed and Updated 08-27-08