has been adopted!


Traci is a 10 month old black and white female pit bull mix. Traci came to us as a stray and before that had been abused and has some trust issues that we are currently working with her on now. Traci is a very sweet girl and you can tell that all she wants is to be able to trust someone, she is just so scared because of her past situations which are unknown to us. Traci is going to be a wonderful companion to have because she does want to please but it will just take her a little more time to work out her trust issues. Currently Traci is in foster care which is working out and is living with 3 other dogs, 2 which are smaller than her and one that is bigger and she does seem to get along fine with other dogs. Also in her foster home is lives with a young child and it is taking her some time to warm up to children just because she is unsure of them. Traci is the type of dog that is going to enjoy just relaxing with the owner watching tv or playing outside with other dogs and that is what we are currently working on. Traci is currently working on being housebroken, and she comes spayed, up to date on shots, microchipped, and current on heartworm preventative. Traci is looking for her forever home and is going to need someone that will be patient with her and she is going to turn out to be a wonderful dog. Traci is looking for her forever home and if you are interested in giving her that please fill out the application above.

TRACI’S ADOPTION FEE: Free Adoptions Until Dec. 31, Reviewed & Updated: 12-23-2010 Traci is exclusively fed Natural Balance Ultra Premium Dog Food!