TJ is a young adult Dalmatian Pit- mix. He is neutered, micro chipped and is up to date with all his shots .He is under monthly heartworm prevention and monthly de worming pills . TJ is a healthy, playful rescue dog. He loves to play with other dogs or go for walks or just play in the yard. He also loves to play with his toys to entertain himself. With us, we have to more dogs, TJ is an inside dog, hes just fine when leaving him inside as long he is having his toys and a dog bone to chew on. He loves to lay on the couch to be pet – and in the wintertime he loves to lay close to the fireplace enjoy the company of the family and the warmth of the fire. He is then the happiest dog you can imagine We have no cats. So we are not sure how he acts with them. Kids should be older than 6 years when considering such an active, playful dog like TJ. TJ is looking for a forever home. We foster him with all the attention and love he needs. You will find in TJ a companion who unconditional loves his family.

Reviewed & Updated:06-09-2011