Zita is a 2 year old female brown and white pit bull. Zita we rescued from the shelter and is a pleasure to have at our rescue. Zita when one walks by her even if one is in a rush she lets you know she is there for someone to pet her and give her attention as they go by. Zita has a fun, loving personality, and loves to give kisses. Zita loves to play with toys, run around in the yard, or be a couch potato. Zita is a dog that would also love to go on walks. Zita loves people and has much love to give even though for a reason we have no idea why she ended up as a stray. Zita is crate trained, and is housebroken. Zita is not good with other dogs, or children, and we would prefer not to place her in a home with cats just due to her size and she may on accident hurt them. Zita comes spayed, up to date on shots, micro chipped, and current on heartworm preventative. Zita is looking for her forever home where she can be given tons of love. If one is interested in adopting Zita please click the link at the top of her bio to apply.

Reviewed & Updated: 06-09-11
Zita is exclusively fed Natural Balance Ultra Premium Dog Food!